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Thursday, June 2, 2011

holaa heeloo , ngee ~ entry kali neh mungkin agak TER-kurang ajar mayb sebab mood sedang benggang nan adew segelintir gugurl neh .. most of you might be know that my status now is in relationship with jeff rite? soo, i noticed that have some gugurl jeff friends macam tak puas hati jew and always mention to jeff that my boboy has changed now .. what the motif derr ? haaloo bitch , din u realize that jeff is mine now ? kew u buta and do not understand what in relationship mean ? come on larh bitch , u sendiri ada bf kan ? so u suke kew bila kawan pompuan sundal BOYFIE u cakap macam uh hah ? be matured larh weyh ! so, for those yg terasa neh memang aku nak bagi korang terasa pown .. uolss add i just to stalker my page n see what i comments with my boboy rite ? NAH MIDLE FINGER FOR U LOVELY BITCH ! u nice with me then i double triple nice with you n when u rude with me in double triple fuck u back larh bitch ! 

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