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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day four - 10 things you one to say to one person


1) i only LOVE you because you are number one in my heart !

2)i only want  SEE you when i open my eyes and closed my eyes =)

3) i only want SEE your SMILE when u looked at me .... ^^

4) i only want HEAR you call my name in every second (",)

5) i only want see your HAPPINESS in evry single day <3

6) i only want HOLD your hand and wont let you go =')

7) i only want you to know that you are THE BEST for me .....

8) i only want you be my IDOL,HEART ....

9) i only want to repay all what you do for me   =p

10) i only want to say I LOVE YOU  MOM! ONLY YOU MY EVRYTHING ! even u are far away from me now but i noe that u owez see me from the clouds rite mak ? i love you mak !

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