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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

yes im crying now because of this shit PACEBOOK ! urgghh, feel like annoying with somebody and i realy need him now .. im crying becoz of u biyy !  can u please stop being like this biy? i sayang u gyla bahbing tahu tak ? okey,im jelez with ur EX but im control coz i want u happy but what hv u done now ? u let me be alone for a night .. i missyoulikecrazy biy ! please dont be like this ,im begging u biyy .. i just want u noe that im realy love u n i swear will not broke all of what we hv promise before .. satu hari tak tydo mata macam panda sebab miss u , urghh ! im owez a looser to be a lover , i noe dat biy .. hmmmmm

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